Streaming Service iOS App— UX Case Study



Jovita Veckyte, Charlie Adsett and myself — with our WIP Project Canvas

My Role

The Client

The Brief

Expected features

  • Browse content, view trailers and description
  • Interactive element
  • Social share function

Competitive Analysis

Competitor Analysis (data taken in May 2019) — 5: great, 1: poor

User Research


Screener survey results

Affinity Map


Quotes from users

Viewing habits

  • Check reviews and watch trailers before committing to the content
  • Most watches content with someone else, few watches alone

Features appreciated

  • New and featured content
  • Ability to cast to another device

User needs

  • An intuitive home page, tailored to their tastes
  • Being able to see recommendations from their friends
  • To save content to watch later
  • Most found it hard to find something they’d like to watch, the amount of content available was described as ‘overwhelming’
  • The difference between rent and buy was confusing to most users
  • Categories aren’t clear
Affinity map

The BIG Problem

The Opportunity


User Journey

Rachel’s current user journey

The Problem & Solving The Problem

Problem Statement

HMW Statements

  • How might we inspire her to watch new content?
  • How might we enable her to find related content to watch?
  • How might we allow her to engage with like-minded people?


Crazy 8’s and Feature Prioritisation MoSCoW


Paper Prototype

Usability Testing

  • Most users did not use the tab bar as navigation as it wasn’t prominent on the paper prototype
  • A lot of the users did not understand the difference between saved and published within collections
  • Users found the layout on the library screen confusing

Wireframes — Usability Testing

Test scenario 1

Test scenario 2


Myself and a participant during a usability testing session
  • Users appreciated and can see themselves using the friends' recommendation feature
  • They enjoyed the profile feature, as it is personalised to the individual. They can create lists, follow friends, manage their preferences
  • The home screen is interactive and interesting, a lot going on but they can see how it may benefit them



  • The hamburger menu was removed as most users were able to navigate through the app easily using the tab bar alone
  • We added settings to the tab bar for clear access for help, account and payment settings.
  • genres are very crucial” was a popular opinion so we decided to have that on the home screen


  • We played around with the layout and spacing to create a cinematic vibe
  • A number of users clicked on the content itself to play, it was slightly confusing so we moved the play button from below to sit on the content instead


  • We moved the collections button around to test how users would find it and ended up placing it in one line with follows, as it is easier to find and also based on popular design patterns, where collections are now split into private and public within its own screen


  • We did a lot of work on the layout here, starting off with paper prototype where users were very confused about what collections meant and what was going on in the screen
  • We chose to place collections within library where all other content was also saved, one simple place where they can find all their viewing goods
  • Using iconography to differentiate between public and private with the eye icon
Library: Collections

Style Guide

Style guide


Onboarding screens


Problem solved?


Next Steps

  • To work on iterations on our latest prototype based on insights from the test shuffle.
  • Now that we’ve designed for mobile, I’d like to explore responsive design to see how the product would work on a tablet, where a lot of users claim they access the app through.


  • I really enjoyed working in a team, setting our goals early on and being fully involved throughout the whole process allowed me to learn so much. I particularly enjoyed our design studio together, it was very creative and constructive at the same time. We all worked well together and pushed through for the best results!
  • The Discover part of the Double Diamond design process is the most meaningful to me. I believe it is such a crucial part of the process as it truly informs which direction the project goes.




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Kiki Wellenhofer

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