Cleaning Service App — UI Case Study

Tidy — Cleaning Service iOS Application

My process

  • Brand Personality — Values & Traits, Affinities, Positioning, Tone of Voice
  • Word Association — Objects, Qualities
  • Sketching
  • Mood board — Purpose, Style, Concept, Emotion
  • Style Guide — Colour Palette, Typography, Iconography
  • Wireframes and iterations
  • On boarding
  • Clickable Prototype

Brand Personality

Tidy — Brand Affinity

Word Association

Tidy — Word Association


Tidy — Sketch of ideas

Mood Board

PURPOSE — mood board created on Milanote
STYLE — mood board created on Milanote
CONCEPT — mood board created on Milanote
EMOTION — mood board created on Milanote

Style Guide

Colour Palette

Tidy — Colour Palette


Tidy — Typography


Tidy — Iconography

Buttons & Forms

Tidy — Buttons & Forms


Tidy — Midfi Wireframes


Tidy — Onboarding


Tidy — Hifi Wireframes

Next Steps

  • If I had more time I’d like to test the clickable prototype with users to get some feedback on navigation if I am missing any screens and comments on the interface as a whole.
  • I’d like to learn to do simple motion graphics to help present my designs a bit better. For example, I’d like the white blocks on the splash screen to move around whilst the app is loading but I don’t have the ability to express that visually yet.


  • It’s been a very enjoyable week for me to work on the UI part of Tidy. I’ve always loved visual design and found the branding exercises very interesting.
  • Taking the decision to build a style guide prior to wireframing was beneficial to me because when it came to putting everything together it was so much easier.
  • Wireframing my paper prototype into a greyscale mid-fi before going hifi and adding colour was also a good decision. Although I had to do more work as a result of adding a step, I was able to do an additional test in between which allowed to me fix teething problems before going hifi.




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