Cleaning Service App — UX Case Study


The Problem

The Opportunity

My Process

Crafting the Questions

The key theme for questions I asked Marc on our first interview.

Interview Insights

Key findings from User Interviews

“Cleaning is just a pain if there was any way to avoid it that would be nice” — Marc

The Current Experience & Defining the Problem

Experience Map — Marc trying to get his property cleaned

Pain Points

4 Key User Needs

Solving the Problem

Problem Statement

Marc needs a way to clean properties conveniently because he has a busy schedule and short turnover time between tenants.

Moving onto Ideation

Storyboard — Marc’s Happy Path

Key Features include

The Solution

User Flow — Happy Path

User Flow — See & Do

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype, left to right — menu bar, services, requirements, summary, tracking, add to cal pop-up, confirmation, keyboard, location, time

Usability Testing

Marc testing the paper prototype

Test Findings




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